Listed here are people and groups involved in the Bio-IT Project and bioinformatics support at EMBL Heidelberg. Click on the linked names to see individual profile pages. You can browse all the profiles below, or use the dropdown filter to see the lists of people involved in different aspects of the Bio-IT community. Use this page to submit your own profile.

Name Role Group/Team
Bernd Klaus Statistiscian / Bioinformatician Huber Group & Centre for statistical data analysis
Julio Belmonte Postdoc Nédélec (CBB) / Leptin (DB)
Malvika Sharan Computational Biologist Gibson Team
Christoph Schiklenk PhD student Haering Group, CBB
Marc Gouw Software Engineer Gibson Team
Jelle Scholtalbers Bioinformatician GBCS
Mike Smith Bioinformatician de.NBI (Huber, Korbel, & Zeller)
Theodore Alexandrov Team Leader Alexandrov Team, SCB
Grant Adey Scientific Computing Support Engineer SCB
Jonas Hartmann Predoc Gilmour Group, CBB

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