Bio-IT is a community initiative, which aims to build, support, and promote computational biology activity at EMBL. Bio-IT community members help each other conduct their research, and share their skills, experience, and tools with others. Click here to find out more about the project.

Please login using your EMBL email address and note that some events may require registration. Click on the individual events to see more details. Events in the calendar are coloured according to three different categories that you can select by clicking the arrow in the top-right corner:

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  • Research Skills & Discussion - all training and activities relating to research and scientific skills
  • Professional Skills - general training and development opportunities for everyone
  • Complementary Scientific/Career Skills - non-technical training & career development for scientists

You may also be interested in our list of online learning resources for computational research and bioinformatics, compiled based on recommendations from members of the Bio-IT community. Contact Bio-IT if you would like to add an event to this calendar.

To add Bio-IT calendars to yours, please use the following links (select "import from URL" or a similar option in your calendar manager):

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  • Research Skills & Discussion:
  • The calendar lists courses, events, and activities (not restricted to computational topics) taking place online and open to all EMBL members. Click the button above for more details.

    Upcoming courses View all upcoming courses.
    Course materials Access materials from Bio-IT courses.
    Bio-IT consulting
    Information on consulting offered by Bio-IT members.
    Coding club
    Information about the weekly EMBL Coding Club, including a list of curated tutorials.
    Statistical consulting Information on consulting offered by the statistics centre.

    Get involved Find out how you can contribute to the community.
    Grassroots Assistance on a wide range of topics from EMBL Bio-IT members.
    Bio-IT community blog Blogposts by members of the Bio-IT Community.
    EPUG A bi-weekly meeting for Python users at EMBL.
    emblr A bi-weekly meeting for R users at EMBL.
    Bio-IT Beer Sessions
    Information on our series of beer sessions with a technical focus.
    Bio-IT Outreach & Travel fellowship
    Bio-IT Outreach & Travel Fellowship Programme launched in January 2020.
    Resources EMBL's workplace chat system, Bio-IT channel Collaboratively edit notes and build presentations in Markdown. The EMBL GitLab version control project management system.
    VPN only
    Resource to map scientific project teams, tasks, timeline and status. Templates available, maintained by EMBL-HD EMBL IT
    VPN only
    RStudio Server Pro maintained by GBCS
    VPN only
    JupyterHub server maintained by EMBL IT
    and Bio-IT (with CPU and GPU access)
    VPN only
    Local Galaxy server maintained by GBCS
    Shiny portal - for internal and external collaborators. Platform that allows hosting your web apps (not just shiny ones) maintained by CBBCS. Use the internal platform if you want to share your web app with collaborators inside EMBL. The external platform is hosted in EMBL's de.NBI cloud and therefore can be used to serve web apps to the world.
    3D Cloud
    VPN only
    EMBL IT Services' platform for graphical processing of big (imaging) data.
    The BAND A cloud-based virtual desktop platform maintained by CBBCS
    VPN only
    Scientific Data Management and ELN developed by GBCS Conduct your surveys on this platform hosted at EMBL and ran by Bio-IT
    VPN only Updated
    EMBL IT Services' application to help you organise and track your research data.
    GitLab Pages Host static web pages from your projects on

    EMBL centers Information and resources from the EMBL Computational Centres.
    Computing at EMBL Information on the computing resources available at EMBL.
    Cluster Wiki
    VPN only
    Information on the computing cluster at EMBL and instructions for usage.
    Useful links Links to tools and resources recommended by community members.
    IT services info Updated Information pages from IT Services.
    Data sharing (from/to) EMBL Information on how to share and receive data from outside of EMBL.
    Newcomers guide
    Guidance for newcomers to EMBL's computational biology community.