CBNA Services

net_picThe Centre for Biomolecular Network Analysis is a platform, which provides EMBL experimental and computational biologists with tools and knowledge on how to process their data to gain meaningful biological insight into the investigated systems.
The service consists of consulting, collaboration, and training.

In a typical consulting scenario the scientist comes with a specific problem for which a solution is sought.
The problems can range from the simplest visualisation issues for which we can provide quick solutions, to more complex problems of data processing and analysis.
The Centre provides the scientists with knowledge and experience on general bioinformatic analysis, but the main focus is on using networks i.e. graph theory for problem solving.
Typical datasets span snapshots or time-series of transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics alike e.g.
- microarrays
- RNASeq
- Chip-Seq
- Mass Spectrometry
- protein arrays etc. 
- but can also be of qualitative nature on the cellular level e.g. flow cytometry etc.
The network-focused part of the service is useful for anyone interested in a systematic analysis of their biological system through network reconstruction and evaluation from a functional and topological perspective. Exploration of the biological data in this way provides a reproducible and clear background for interpretation.

What we provide:

Consulting on topics relating to biological data analysis and visualisation. Simply write me an email or drop by my office.
- Visualisation techniques for Biology
- Consultation on data generation and pre-processing for future analysis
- Tools and Databases (Cytoscape, R iGraph, Gephi, CellNetOpt, CytoCopteR... etc.)
- Data and literature mining
- Integrative data analysis (joining multiple datasets for meaningful analyses)
- Network analysis - both structural and functional e.g.
- signaling pathway identification, enrichment analyses
- protein complex or functional module detection
- motifs, modules, cliques, clusters, and network statistics
- inference of roles in cellular function (e.g. protein function prediction)
- signaling network modeling, and prediction of behavior upon perturbation
- ‘mapping’ of the underlying biological system
- querying and retrieval of interaction data 

The Centre promotes information exchange, discussion between researchers studying biological systems. With the aim to work for you and with you, we offer collaboration, consulting on research projects, and organization of seminars and courses.

Network Biology Club

Collaboration with the newly established Centres for Statistical Data Analysis and Bio-Modelling allows us to provide the most comprehensive support. We welcome everyone interested in topics concerning signaling network reconstruction, network analyses, tool usage, and interpretation of results to visit our website and contact us directly.

Contact us

Matt Rogon
Telephone: 06221 / 387 – 8140
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