EMBL Python User Group

The EMBL Python User Group (EPUG) is a collective of python programmers at EMBL HD who meet regularly to discuss python-related topics, demonstrate tools and modules, and experiment with python-related soft- and hardware. It's a friendly group, and the meetings are a great way to get to know some of the other people in the community who use this awesome language.

In 2020, the User Group will be relaunched with a series of Python Study Group sessions. Each session will be a short tutorial on a specific topic, aimed at those familiar with the basics of the language, who would like to improve their skills and increase their understanding of the many powerful modules and libraries out there.

Recent sessions have included a chance to play around with microcontrollers running MicroPython, JupyterLab, and a comparison of modules for creating argument/option-parsers. Contributions to sessions are always welcome. Please email AJ Akanni if you'd like to help lead a session.

Check out the shared document that we use to plan future sessions and collect suggested topics and recommended videos here.

To subscribe to the python@embl.de mailing list, and be notified of future meetings & activities, send an email to EMBL Bio-IT.