Do you use R? Want to improve your skills?

Perhaps you are waiting for data and want to keep your skills sharp between analyses, or perhaps you code in R every day but find your skills have plateaued. Unfortunately, our day-to-day work often discourages us from sitting down to invest time in improving our skills. If you want to keep building your R knowledge and make connections with peers that can help you find creative solutions to your programming problems, the “emblr” club is here for you.

The “emblr” club provides you with an opportunity to dedicate an hour of your time to develop better data analysis skills that will enable you to perform more efficient and more ingenious analyses in the long run.

How does it work?

The “emblr" club is an initiative to support the continued study and practice of R language skills by EMBL researchers from all backgrounds with some basic existing R knowledge.

Emblr sessions generally last an hour and are taught by one of your peers at EMBL. Each session will introduce a topic in R through interactive code-along lessons. Topics will range from foundational skills to intermediate and advanced topics.

For the current list of topics and the schedule of upcoming sessions, see this Google Spreadsheet .

To see material from past sessions, see the emblr repository on the community GitLab.

To suggest interesting topics to be covered in upcoming sessions, add your input here or upvote topics added by others.

To join our mailing list, suggest a topic to be covered and/or volunteer to teach a session, email eleonora.mastrorilli@embl.de.

Time & Place

See schedule and suggest potential topics
Day: Every other Tuesday (alternating with EPUG - check this calendar for exact dates)
Time: 15:00 – 16:00 CEST (Central Europe Time)
Place: Room 440 and Online (see schedule for connection details)