Curated Tutorials

The following is a database of tutorials about topics related to programming and computational biology. Feel free to browse it or to search for something that's interesting to you. If you find a good tutorial that is not in the database, please contribute it by filling this form. If you are uncertain about what tutorial would suit you, a tutor might be able to help you.

Name Language Level
Introduction to Python Programming (Bio-IT) Python Beginner
A Byte of Python Python Beginner
Bayesian Methods for Hackers python Intermediate, Advanced
BioImage Data Analysis Fiji, MATLAB Beginner, Intermediate
Basic Python syntax and objects python Beginner, Intermediate
Dive into Python3 Python Intermediate, Advanced
Fundamentals of MATLAB MATLAB Beginner
Hello Biosphere - Programming in Biology python Beginner
Intermediate Command Line Computing Bash Intermediate
Introduction to Command Line Computing (Bio-IT) Bash Beginner
Mathematical Modelling in Systems Biology MATLAB Intermediate
MATLAB tutorial MATLAB Beginner
Metabolic Networks Modelling python, COBRApy Intermediate
Points of Significance not applicable Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Project Euler any Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Python Course python Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Python Workshop Image Processing Python Beginner, Intermediate
Spatio-Temporal Modelling in Biology MATLAB Advanced
The Python Challenge python, any Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
The Python Tutorial python Beginner, Intermediate
SciPy Tutorial Python Intermediate, Advanced
SciPy Cookbook python Intermediate, Advanced
Introduction to R R Beginner
NumPy User Guide python Intermediate, Advanced
Pandas Tutorial Overview python Intermediate, Advanced
Data Handling with R R Beginner, Intermediate
SymPy Tutorial python Intermediate, Advanced
Exploratory data analysis and ggplot2 R Beginner, Intermediate
Statistical methods for Bioinformatics R Intermediate
Hypothesis Testing R Intermediate, Advanced
Matplotlib Beginner's Guide python Intermediate, Advanced
HTML(5) Tutorial HTML Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Differential expression analysis of RNA-Seq data with DESeq2 R Intermediate, Advanced
Computational Methods for Nonlinear Systems python, any Advanced
Machine Learning Introduction R Beginner, Intermediate
Biopython Tutorial and Cookbook python Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Molecular Modeling Toolkit (MMTK) User Guide python Intermediate, Advanced
Linear algebra none Beginner
Machine Learning with Python's scikit-learn python Intermediate, Advanced
Basic Git Workflow Git Beginner
Differential equations none Beginner
git - the simple guide Git Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Become a git guru git Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
networkx tutorial python Intermediate, Advanced
Homology Modelling with MODELLER python Intermediate
Interactive Image Analysis with SimpleITK and IPython Notebooks Python Intermediate, Advanced
Programming Basics JavaScript Beginner
Modeling Biology with SimBiology: An Introduction for iGEM Teams MATLAB Beginner, Intermediate
Regular Expressions Tutorial Any Beginner, Intermediate
Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving MATLAB Beginner, Intermediate
MATLAB Demystified MATLAB Beginner, Intermediate
A Mathematical Model of a Synthetically Constructed Genetic Toggle Switch MATLAB Intermediate
Modelling in Biology None Intermediate, Advanced
Rosalind Any Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced