Bio-IT Newcomers Guide

Note that several linked pages in this document can be accessed only from inside the EMBL network

Table of contents

About this document

This document is developed to help newcomers to learn all about computational systems at EMBL-HD, Bio-IT, and (almost) everything that will help them intergrate with the bio-computational community of EMBL Heidelberg.

The information in this guide overlaps with the material contained in the other documents useful for newcomers to EMBL. We also recommend that you check out the following resources:

  • Bio-IT EMBL website for general information about Bio-IT activities.
  • EMBL website for general information about EMBL.
  • EMBL newcomer's booklet including information about first day best practices, housing, banking, medical service, chidlcare and family care, transportation, free time activities, additional informaton about Germany.
  • EMBL Staff Association website, including SA events calendar, forums and working groups and initiatives for the EMBL-ites' well being.
  • Heidelberg city guide, featuring city tour and events announcements.
  • Szilard library guide, including the catalogue and access information.

If you can't find the information that you were looking for, please go ahead and directly interact with the EMBL-ites via the EMBL chat.


This guide borrows heavily (with permission) from the newcomers guides previously developed in the Zaugg and Huber Labs at EMBL. We thank the authors of those documents for their efforts and help.

Several sections also link out to the excellent Netherlands eScience Center Guide.