Centre for Statistical Data Analysis

Centre for Statistical Data Analysis
Together with the Centre for Biomolecular Network Analysis and the Centre for Bio-Modelling, the Centre for Statistical Data Analysis (CSDA) is part of the centres at EMBL with a strong computational component. More information on EMBL Centres can be found here on the Bio-IT Portal and on the EMBL homepage.

CSDA helps EMBL scientists to use adequate statistical methods for their specific technological or biological applications (testing, regression, clustering, classification, error rate estimation, sampling, visualization, …).

The CSDA provides assistance on statistical applications that are broadly related to the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data (RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, 4C/HiC, DNA- Seq). Furthermore, its focus will be on needs of smaller and more experimentally oriented groups, i.e. groups whose primary experience is not in high-throughput data analysis. It will also offer courses on statistical data analysis and R-Programming.

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Sarah Kaspar
Wolfgang Huber