Get Involved

The Bio-IT Project is a community initiative, which relies largely on voluntary contributions and involvement from members of EMBL Heidelberg's computational biology community. We are a friendly, enthusiatic group who are always very happy to welcome new people who would like to get involved in Bio-IT activities. Some suggestions for ways in which you could get involved are given below.

Bio-IT Activities

Submit a profile

By submitting a profile to this site, you can tell people about your interests, skills and experience. These profiles are easily searchable and browsable by keywords and skills (in the page tags), and are a great way to familiarise yourself with other members of the community.

Contribute to training efforts

Help with teaching/running an existing Bio-IT course. These courses are popular and successful, and can be a lot of fun to teach and help with. They are a great way to gain teaching experience, get to know people at EMBL, and learn a given subject better yourself. To get involved, contact the relevant course organiser or send an email to

Help establish a new course

You can help use to expand the Bio-IT Project further by coordinating/suggesting a new course. We are always looking for new subjects on which to offer training. If you have an idea for a new course that you would like to teach, Bio-IT members can help by e.g. taking care of course administration (room bookings, catering etc), and/or helping to develop and teach course material.
If you have a request for a subject that you would like to see Bio-IT start to teach, please let us know by email.

Join the Bio-IT Taskforce

The Bio-IT Taskforce meets bimonthly, to discuss technical & strategic issues affecting bioinformatics at EMBL HD. This is an excellent way to meet heavy users and developers of computational biology at EMBL. If you would like to become a member, please send a request to be added to the mailing list, to Renato Alves.

Join the Bio-IT support channel

Members of the Bio-IT community often hang out in the Bio-IT channel on EMBL's chat where we discuss a variety of topics, post announcements and provide support and troubleshooting assistance.

Lead a Bio-IT Beer Session

Bio-IT organises a series of beer sessions, each centred around a particular technical theme. The format if these sessions is flexible and informal, but they oftern begin with a short talk introducing the technical topic that is up for discussion. If you would like to propose and introduce a theme for an upcoming session, please contact Renato Alves.

Any other ideas welcome!

If you have other ideas for Bio-IT activities and/or ways that you would like to be involved, we'd love to hear them. Simply send us an email or come along to a drop-in session.