EMBL Centres – Overview

The EMBL Centres are 'horizontal', cross-departmental structures that promote innovative research projects across disciplines. The EMBL Centres listed below have a strong computational component.

Bioimage Analysis

Centre for Biological ModellingThe Centre for Bioimage Analysis (CBA) supports scientists in extracting quantitative information from images acquired with light- or electron-microscopy.

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Contact: Christian Tischer

Biological Modelling

Centre for Biological ModellingThe CBM aims to support people to adopt mathematical modeling techniques into their everyday research.

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Contact: Eva Geissen

Biomolecular Network Analysis

Centre for Biomolecular Network AnalysisThe CBNA disseminates expertise, know-how and guidance in network integration and analysis throughout EMBL.

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Contact: Santhust

Statistical Data Analysis

Centre for Statistical Data AnalysisThe CSDA helps you to use adequate statistical methods throughout your research project, from the planning phase to data analysis.

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Contact: Sarah Kaspar