Network Biology Club

Network Biology aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the spectrum of intra- and inter-cellular interactions in a living organism by applying modern technologies to produce experimental data as well as computational biology and bioinformatics methods to visualize, analyse, and interpret them.

Network Biology Club focuses on topics, which pertain to the needs of its members at the same time providing a holistic overview of the research in the field. As a discussion platform we offer seminar series, journal club, project discussions, and software presentations for experimentalists and computational biologists alike.

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  • We aim for more discussion and less "presentation" with a round-table approach. 
  • For a journal club the paper selection may be a starting point for members to search for solutions to a specific problem, which can then be discussed during the club meeting.
  • Classical presenter-moderator approach is welcome as well.

In a classical format:

  • Presenters choose their topic freely within the field.
  • Selected articles or book chapters (if copyright allows, or links to the library) should be submitted 2 weeks in advance for the classical approach, and preferably a month ahead of schedule for a round-table discussion.

Journal Club is open to everyone interested.