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Biostatistical Basics: This 4 days crash course on biostatistical methods covers data handling and visualization, statistical distributions, hypothesis testing, contingency tables and multiple testing. It uses biological examples and the programming language R. The next session is planned for winter 2023/2024.

Experimental design workshop: If you're starting at EMBL, or you're in the planning phase of an experiment, please consider catching up on some basic principles that will help you collecting data in a way that makes it suitable for downstream statistical analysis. The next workshop is planned for spring 2024.

Empirical Bayes for Biological Data: This book seminar took place in Oct/Nov 2022. In the group, we read a book on Empirical Bayesian methods and discussed possible applications on biological research at EMBL.

Statistical learning seminar: We discuss some of the highlights of the popular book and lecture series Introduction to statistical learning.

Upcoming courses:

All internal courses are announced in the upcoming courses, as well as via emails to all EMBL sites.

On demand training

Biostatistics online tutorial: No time to wait for the next life session? In this interactive self-learning tutorial, you'll get an introduction to data handling and visualization, statistical distributions and hypothesis testing, with examples and exercises in R.

Training materials

All CSDA training materials are free for reusing, but need to be referenced appropriately (license: CC-BY-NC-SA). Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Other courses

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You can also look up the R and statistics resources, or the resources for online learning recommended by Bio-IT.

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