A Mathematical Model of a Synthetically Constructed Genetic Toggle Switch

Author/Creator: Nick Csicsery & Ricky O’Laughlin
Curated By: Karin Sasaki
Language: MATLAB
Field(s): mathematical model, gene expression, ode, MATLAB
URL: http://www.isn.ucsd.edu/classes/beng221/problems/2013/project-1-A%20Mathematical%20Model%20of%20a%20Synthetically%20Constructed%20Genetic%20Toggle%20Switch.pdf


This tutorial takes the reader step by step on how to create a mathematical model of the first synthetically constructed genetic toggle switch, in order to investigate the dynamic behaviour of the circuit. A system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations based mass action kinetics is set ups the system is solved analytically, for a simplified system; then the nonlinear system is solved numerically using MATLAB; the results of the two approaches are compared; stability of the system is explored, to figure out how the output of the toggle switch is affected by various parameters and input combinations.

Level: Intermediate
Format: PDF
Time Required: 4h
Prerequisites: MATLAB
Access: none
Last Curated: 09/07/2016


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