Basic Python syntax and objects

Author/Creator: Codecademy
Curated By: Renato Alves
Language: python
Field(s): syntax, exercises


The current Codecademy Python track includes 12 units with one or more lessons, which are further divided into chapters. You will learn the basics of Python from its syntax to its core objects (variables, functions, classes). It's particularly good for anyone completely new at programming as it progresses slowly with a logical organization of language concepts. If at any time lost there's both hints and a forum where users of the platform discuss aspects of each chapter. It also includes some paid lessons which provide additional challenges in the form of small exercises or projects.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Format: Online (browser-based)
Time Required: unknown
Prerequisites: None.
Access: free + paid content (freemium)
Last Curated: 08.08.2016


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