BioImage Data Analysis

Author/Creator: Kota Miura (editor)
Curated By: Jonas Hartmann
Language: Fiji, MATLAB
Field(s): image analysis


Comprehensive introduction to quantitative image analysis for biologists. Features an overview of available software, an introduction to Fiji and an introduction to image analysis with MATLAB. Also features a number of interesting case studies, including spot detection, particle tracking, cell tracking, analysis of subcellular features and tubular networks, and 3D quantitative colocalization analysis.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Format: Book
Time Required: 2 to 30+
Prerequisites: You can start with essentially zero knowledge (although coding basics are recommended). If you go through everything, you can spend 30+ hours on the material. You can also start with basic to intermediate coding and/or image analysis knowledge and simply work through one or more of the example chapters (2+ hours each).
Access: free with subscription
Last Curated: 31.07.2016


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