Exploratory data analysis and ggplot2

Author/Creator: Bernd Klaus
Curated By: Karin Sasaki
Language: R
Field(s): data visualisation
URL: http://www-huber.embl.de/users/klaus/teaching.html#exploratory_data_analysis_and_ggplot2


Essential methods are given to display and visualize data. It quickly answers questions like: How are my data distributed? How can the frequencies of nucleotides from a gene be visualized? Are there outliers in my data? Does the distribution of my data resemble that of a bell–shaped curve? Are there differences between gene expression values taken from two groups of patients?

The most important central tendencies (mean, median) are defined and illustrated together with the most important measures of spread (standard deviation, variance, inter quartile range, and median absolute deviation).

The plots are given both in base R as well as using ggplot2 commands.

They also introduce ggplot2 a package to produce elegant graphics for data analysis.

This tutorial consists of slides, a pdf file with explanations and exercises and accompanying R files.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Format: PDF
Time Required: 3-6
Prerequisites: Basic R
Access: none
Last Curated: 08/23/2016


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