Hello Biosphere – Programming in Biology

Author/Creator: Prasenjit Saha, Tinri Aegerter
Curated By: Jonas Hartmann
Language: python
Field(s): applications of basic coding
URL: http://psaha.github.io/hello-biosphere/index.html


This page contains the course materials for the course "Programming in Biology" at the university of Z├╝rich, which consists of an introduction to python and a number of biological examples/applications/problems. The python introduction is based on the book Hello World and is thus not very useful for coding clubbers. Instead, you should work through the Introduction to Python Programming by Toby Hodges. The biological exercises however are very nice to follow up on a basic python course and to learn more about how programming can be used. Specifically, you can learn about the following topics:

  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Very basic bioinformatics (mainly an exercise in working with strings and lists in python)
  • Basic data analysis (an interesting case-study with segmented cells represented as polygons)
  • Basic modeling: dynamical systems, ordinary differential equations and pattern emergence
  • (Image analysis; unfortunately relies on data that is not externally available)

Level: Beginner
Format: Online (browser-based)
Time Required: 5-20 hours
Prerequisites: Very basic knowledge of python programming.
Access: free
Last Curated:


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