Homology Modelling with MODELLER

Author/Creator: Ben Webb / Andrej Sali Lab
Curated By: Po-chia Chen
Language: python
Field(s): structural biology, computational biology
URL: https://salilab.org/modeller/tutorial/


MODELLER is a homology modelling software that creates model 3D-structures from input sequences and templates structures. It uses python as its front end, and can be made available as a python module for use in work flows.

The website linked contained 5 tutorials of increasing complexity maintained by Ben Webb for the authors, with ready-to-go scripts coupled with analyses. Useful for people who want to practice reading and modifying python, particularly if they have their own protein sequences to adapt the scripts into, for a comparative exercise.

Level: Intermediate
Format: Online (browser-based)
Time Required: unknown
Prerequisites: basic python, general knowledge of structural modelling
Access: academic license (available through both SEPP and SB-Grid)
Last Curated: 08/23/2016


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