Intermediate Command Line Computing

Author/Creator: Holger Dinkel, Toby Hodges & Frank Thommen
Curated By: Toby Hodges
Language: Bash
Field(s): Linux, Mac OS X, command line


A more in-depth look at tools and the environment on the Linux/Mac OS X command line. Learn more about how to easily extract relevant information from files, archive, compress and decompress data, and automate repetitive tasks. As well as introducing more command line tools, the material introduces the basics of Bash scripting, which can be used to automate analyses/processes and is necessary for effective use of a compute cluster (such as the LSF cluster at EMBL).

Level: Intermediate
Format: PDF
Time Required: 6-8 hours
Prerequisites: basic knowledge of the UNIX command line is required
Access: free
Last Curated: 29.07.2016


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