Modeling Biology with SimBiology: An Introduction for iGEM Teams

Author/Creator: Asawari Samant, MathWorks
Curated By: Karin Sasaki
Language: MATLAB
Field(s): systems biology, modelling, odes


This video tutorial introduces the MATLAB Toolbox SimBiology, a tool for modeling, simulating and analyzing biological systems. They demonstrate key features, including: Graphical modelling environment, Ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and stochastic solvers, Sensitivity analysis and parameter sweeps techniques, Parameter estimation techniques, Advanced analysis via custom analysis tasks written in MATLAB.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Format: Online (browser-based)
Time Required: 1h
Prerequisites: Access to MATLAB and the SimBiology toolbox
Access: you need to log in to Mathworks
Last Curated: 08/29/2016


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