Course Waiting Lists

Toby Hodges   2016-12-15   Comments Off on Course Waiting Lists

Spaces on our courses often get taken up very quickly, but there are usually some cancellations close to the time of the course. If you're interested in an upcoming course, and you go to the course webpage and find that there are no spaces remaining, consider sending an email to the course organiser (shown at the bottom of the page) to ask to be added to the waiting list. This has a couple of advantages: the organiser will contact you if a space becomes available, and you will often be given priority for a space the next time that the course runs.

Two other things to consider:

  1. To stand the best chance of getting a space on a course, make sure that you have signed up to the Bio-IT and Centres' announcement mailing lists. We send course announcements to these lists first, before advertising to everyone else, and often most spaces are taken up before any global announcement is made.
  2. Our course materials are freely available online. Check out the Course Materials page, and the Centres' homepages. Perhaps you can work through them at the EMBL Coding Club?