A modern R introduction including graphics and data handling – January 17

Bernd Klaus   2017-01-18   Comments Off on A modern R introduction including graphics and data handling – January 17

Date(s) - 2017-01-18 - 2017-01-20
09:00 CET - 16:00 CET

EMBL Heidelberg, Room 202


Dear All,

The centre for statistical data analysis is pleased
to announce another basic R, graphics and data handling course,
open to all at EMBL (including outstations).

**Course name: A modern R introduction including graphics and data handling**
**Venue: Room 202, EMBL Heidelberg (Bring your laptop!)**
**Time & date: 9:00-16:00, 18th and 19th January, 9:00- 12:00, 20th January 2017**

We will cover very recent delevopments in the R language that have made
it more user friendly and feature rich (the “tidyverse”) and introduce visualization
(ggplot2) and data handling (split-apply-combine, reshaping of data) in R.
There will also be a couple of case studies.

Some prior programming/scripting experience is very helpful
but not strictly required.
This course might also be interesting for people using a different
scripting language and are wondering what R offers nowadays

For more information, see the program below or
contact Bernd Klaus (bernd.klaus@embl.de).

Best wishes,


Detailed Program

**Day 1: (Wednesday, Jan 18th)**


The R programming language, RStudio and Rnotebooks will be introduced and exercises
will allow you to get some hands on experience in running elementary R commands.

We will look at basic data structures like data frames and vectors and introduce
plotting and programming statements.


R introduction continued.

**Day 2: (Thursday, Jan 19th)**


Graphics in R: ggplot2 and various plots for experimental


Introduction to advanced data handling using
the “split-apply-combine” strategy for data analysis.

**Day 3: (Friday, Jan 20th)**


Different data shapes, reshaping strategies, followed
by case studies in advanced data handling.


This event is fully booked.