A modern R introduction including graphics and data handling

Bernd Klaus   2016-12-14   Comments Off on A modern R introduction including graphics and data handling

Date(s) - 2016-12-14 - 2016-12-16
00:00 CET

Dear All,

The centre for statistical data analysis is pleased
to announce a new basic R, graphics and data handling course,
open to all at EMBL (including outstations).

**Course name: A modern R introduction including graphics and data handling**
**Venue: Room 202, EMBL Heidelberg (Bring your laptop!)**
**Time & date: 9:00-16:00, 14th and 15th December, 9:00- 13:00, 16th December 2016**

We will cover very recent delevopments in the R language that have made
it more user friendly and feature rich (the “tidyverse”) and introduce visualization
(ggplot2) and data handling (split-apply-combine, reshaping of data) in R.
There will also be a couple of case studies.

Some prior programming/scripting experience is very helpful
but not strictly required.
This course might also be interesting for people using a different
scripting language and are wondering what R offers nowadays

For more information, see the program below or
contact Bernd Klaus (bernd.klaus@embl.de).

Best wishes,


Detailed Program

**Day 1: (Wednesday, Dec 14th)**


The R programming language, RStudio and Rnotebooks will be introduced and exercises
will allow you to get some hands on experience in running elementary R commands.

We will look at basic data structures like data frames and vectors and introduce
plotting and programming statements.


R introduction continued.

**Day 2: (Thursday, Dec 15th)**


Graphics in R: ggplot2 and various plots for experimental


Introduction to advanced data handling using
the “split-apply-combine” strategy for data analysis.

**Day 3: (Friday, Dec 16th)**


Different data shapes, reshaping strategies, followed
by case studies in advanced data handling.


This event is fully booked.