[ALMF] Essentials I – Essentials of Widefield-Microscopy

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Date(s) - 2024-01-16
09:30 CET - 16:30 CET

Essentials I – Essentials of Widefield-Microscopy

Organizer: Marko Lampe, Beate Neumann, Stefan Terjung,

Registration for EMBL staff only

The course is a beginners course with focus on teaching the essential knowledge needed to conduct a widefield microscopy-based experiment and to generate reliable data It will take place as a one day event as a practical session on January 16th (9:30 am – 4:30 pm) in the ALMF.
Knowledge of this course will be the basis for the Essentials in Microscopy II (Confocal Microscopy) course.

For preparation of the course you will get a short list of videos covering the basics as well as a self-test questionaire

Topics covered include

  • Transmission light path and K√∂hler illumination

  • Fluorescence microscopy, filters and how to find good filter fluorophore combinations

  • Light sources, Microscope objectives (magnification, resolution and brightness), Cover slips

  • exposure time, bit depth and LUT, background level, remarks on sample preparation


This event is fully booked.