Basic R & Data Handling

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Date(s) - 2015-03-16 - 2015-03-18
13:00 CET - 00:00 CET

This short course is especially aimed at beginners in R with some programming/scripting experience and will consist of introductory lectures, coupled with hands on exercises.

Day 1: (Monday, March 16th) – 13h-17h

The R programming language will be introduced and exercises will allow you to get some hands on experience in running elementary R commands.

Day 2: (Tuesday, March 17th) – 13h-17h

We will focus on programming in R and introduce important R classes like data.frame for tables or lists for unorganized data as well as elementary R programming.

Day 3: (Wednesday, March 18th) – 13h-17h

We will give an introduction to the “split-apply-combine” strategy for data analysis and also look at real life examples of how to reshape and “tidy” data.

At the end of the course, you should be able to use R instead of Excel as your main tool for data handling tasks.

If the course is fully booked and you want to be put on the waiting list, please write an email to