CBNA 2023: Biological networks visualization: Introduction to Cytoscape

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Date(s) - 2023-08-07 - 2023-08-10
10:00 CEST - 15:00 CEST

Biological networks visualization: Introduction to Cytoscape

Date: 7,8 & 10 August 2023 (3 days)
Time: 10:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 15:00 (3 hours / day)
Location: A23 ATC-building + ONLINE!
Places: 12 on-site, 13 online

Cytoscape (CS) is a multi-platform open-source tool for visualising interaction networks and integrating them with annotations, multi-omic profiles and other state data. Although Cytoscape was originally designed for biological research, now it is a general platform for complex network analysis and visualization.

Course goals:

During this 3-days preparatory course, participants will learn how to:

  • Effectively use the Cytoscape (CS) interface with it’s various options
  • Prepare data (and various formats) for use in Cytoscape
  • Load data into CS
  • Manipulate nodes and edges in the network
  • Visualise data on the nodes, and apply layouts

After the course you will be able to independently work with Cytoscape and perform basic network and data manipulation tasks in CS. The course focuses on hands-on mode, i.e. the participants will be trying during the course itself what they learn.

For more details about the course, please see a previous version.

:point_right: NOTE: This is an introductory course to Cytoscape and will be required for future [intended] intermediate Cytoscape (around end September) and advance Cytoscape (around begin December 2023).


Laptop and enthusiasm.
No prior knowledge of programing is required.
A rough idea about networks will be useful but not necessary.

This is a Level 1 introductory course, therefore no prior knowledge is required. You will need your own computer with Cytoscape installed.


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  • This course is for EMBL-all-sites only.
  • This course is the most basic Cytoscape course and is a requirement for future intermediate and advance Cytoscape courses.

Related future courses in the series:

  1. Towards intermediate Cytoscape. Intended to take place around end September 2023. (Requirement: this course.)
  2. Towards advance Cytoscape. Intended to take place around begining December 2023. (Requirement: this course and basic programming experience in Python and R.)

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