Basics of ImageJ Macro Scripting

Christian Tischer   2019-05-21   Comments Off on Basics of ImageJ Macro Scripting

Date(s) - 2019-05-21
09:30 CEST - 16:00 CEST

ImageJ is a popular free software for inspection and processing of biological image data.
One great feature of ImageJ is that you can record a script from the actions you do in the graphical user interface.
Such a script is great for documentation, publication, sharing with colleagues and batch processing of multiple data sets.
In this one day course, participants will be taught the basics of ImageJ macro scripting (no programming skills required, in fact, ImageJ macro scripting is a good entry point to potentially learn more serious programming later in your careeer).


Teaching in hands-on practical style.


Participants will have the chance to apply what they learned in the morning to their own uses cases.


  • Basic familiarity with ImageJ
  • A laptop with the latest version of ImageJ installed
  • No programming skills are required


Bookings are closed for this event.