EMBL/ALMF: Leica Stellaris Workshop

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Date(s) - 2021-04-27 - 2021-04-29
10:00 CEST - 16:00 CEST

The ALMF and Leica Microsystems are organizing a small workshop demonstrating Leica’s new Stellaris Confocal Microscope Platform.

The event will consist of an overview presentation on the 27th of April and several workshops with focussed topics (please see below). Please register for one or more of the 60-90 min workshops.

The presentation will require no registration, but please feel free to sign-up not to miss any information!

Please contact Marko Lampe (ALMF / marko.lampe@embl.de) if you are interested in imaging your own samples (remotely) after the workshops.

Tuesday 27 April, 10:00 Central European Time

Introduction to Leica’s new confocal microscopes:

Presentation ‘Get closer to the truth’ with STELLARIS: Introducing the Leica Confocal Microscope Platform

Session moderator: Andrea Mülter
Presentations and live confocal work: Jens Peter Gabriel

Followed by a series of five live demos from the Leica confocal headquarter in Mannheim.

Duration of each workshop 60-90 min.dependent on questions

Tuesday 27 April, 14:00
The STELLARIS possibilities: A new standard of confocal imaging

Wednesday 28 April, 10:00
Live Cell Imaging with STELLARIS 8

Wednesday 28 April, 14:00
Lifetime Imaging with STELLARIS 8 FALCON

Thursday 29 April, 10:00
Fully flexible multiphoton imaging with STELLARIS 8 DIVE

Thursday 29 April, 14:00
Imaging beyond the diffraction limit with STELLARIS 8 STED

If you would like to image your own samples on the new Leica Stellaris 8 after the workshops, please contact Marko Lampe at the ALMF (marko.lampe@embl.de) for further discussion.


Bookings are closed for this event.