EMBL Coding Club

Toby Hodges   2018-03-15   Comments Off on EMBL Coding Club

Date(s) - 2018-03-15
17:00 CET - 18:00 CET


The EMBL Coding Club offers a weekly time and space for anyone with limited programming experience to improve their coding skills through assisted self-study. During the club meetings, attendees study and work in a calm and productive environment, setting their own pace and choosing their own topics to explore, such as basic programming tutorials for various languages, intermediate tutorials for computational biology applications (such as statistics, image analysis or modelling), or of course their personal ideas and projects.

Experienced volunteers act as tutors, who offer guidance in the choice of topics, ideas for possible approaches, advice on good practice and help when things are not working. Thus, the coding club functions as a much-needed incentive to regularly practice coding skills, as an open teaching platform where knowledge is shared and propagated, and as a help center where problems are resolved before they lead to frustration.