In Silico Systems Biology: Mathematical modelling of biological systems

Karin Sasaki   2016-09-27   Comments Off on In Silico Systems Biology: Mathematical modelling of biological systems

Date(s) - 2016-09-27 - 2016-09-30
All Day


In this course we introduce deterministic modelling of biological systems, with a focus on modelling signalling pathways. We will also teach you how to simulate the models you construct, using python.

Preliminary content of course:
* Deterministic modelling – ordinary differential equations
* Introduction to building your own mathematical models
* Simulation of models, programatically, using Python
* Modelling and simulating different examples of signal transduction pathways

You have taken at least one basic programming course (any language is ok, but in this course we will use python).

Schedule: cbm_modelling_course_schdule

Morning sessions (9am – 1pm): lectures and practical session

Afternoon sessions (2pm – 4pm): practical session

Tuesday (27th) (optional attenance): Reminder of basics of python and libraries we will be using. Note that this is only a reminder and is aimed at people who have already taken a besci course in programming, but have not had a lot of practice since.

Wednesday (28th): Introduction to systems biology, mathematical models and practicals modelling simple biochemcial systems.

Thursday (29th): Modelling signalling pathways

Friday (30th) (optional attendance): Session designed to let you continue with course exercises or to bring your own modelling porjects and get some advice.

The course is free for all members of EMBL.


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