Intermediate Cluster Computing

Toby Hodges   2019-03-20   Comments Off on Intermediate Cluster Computing

Date(s) - 2019-03-20
09:30 CET - 12:30 CET


Jure Pečar

Course Summary

This short course will build upon the material covered in the Introduction to Cluster Computing at EMBL course, introducing some more advanced features of the Slurm job scheduler, considerations to be made when submitting large numbers of jobs or jobs with specialised requirements, and approaches that users can take to optimise their jobs. The course will place particular emphasis on identifying and addressing opportunities to parallelise jobs, in order to run analyses as quickly and efficiently as possible.


This course assumes a basic understanding of cluster computing and knowledge of the command line job scheduler, Slurm, such as can be acquired in the introductory course taking place the day before. Teaching computers will be provided but course participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop along to the course. The laptop must be capable of connecting to the EMBL cluster via ssh in the shell. Participants are expected to have some prior experience of working on the Linux/Mac command line and writing scripts (e.g. in R, Python, Bash, etc). For those wanting to gain more experience of these before the course, relevant Bio-IT/EMBL Centres course materials are available.


If you have any questions about the course, please don’t hesitate to contact Toby Hodges and/or Jure Pečar.


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