Intermediate Network Analysis and Visualisation (Cytoscape, R, iGraph) (2017)

Matt Rogon   2017-12-05   Comments Off on Intermediate Network Analysis and Visualisation (Cytoscape, R, iGraph) (2017)

Date(s) - 2017-12-05 - 2017-12-07
09:00 CET - 15:00 CET


This intermediate 3 half-day course will cover lectures, tutorials, and exercises on:

Day 1

  • Introduction to Graph Theory. Overview of Centralities, Graphlets, and Motifs for biological networks
  • Exploration of networks using centralities such as degree, betweenness, graphlet signature, motifs e.g. feed forward loops etc.
  • Network modularity – in search of active subnetworks, communities, and complexes

Day 2

  • Introduction to network visualisation using R
  • Data annotation using Ensembl BioMart in R
  • Pathway and ontology enrichment analysis using R

Day 3

  • Scripting in Cytoscape
  • Connecting Cytoscape with R and automation

This course requires working knowledge of Cytoscape for day 1, and the most basic knowledge of R for days 2 and 3.
Prior programing experience is not necessary, but will be useful.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Matt Rogon


This event is fully booked.