MR Statistics Course

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Date(s) - 2014-06-09 - 2014-06-13
All Day


**** FOR Monterotondo statf ONLY ****

The course will be a mix of lectures and hands-on training. The program is:

9h – 12h R Intro part 1 – basic R commands & objects, simple graphics
13h – 16h R Intro part 2 – R programming, advanced data handling

9h-12h Exploratory Data Analysis and Graphics – Common summary statistics, ggplot2 introduction, data visualization
13-16h Elementary statistical models and distributions, normal, binomial, Poisson etc.

9h-12 statistical models continued: correlation, regression models & PCA including an application to RNA-Seq data
13h – 16h: statistical testing, multiple testing, regularized statistics for low sample number data

9h – 12h: Linear models for genomic data, microarray quality control, calibration and annotation
13h – 16h: Differential expression analysis for microarrays (foucs) and RNA-Seq (simplified), gene set enrichment analysis

Friday Consultation/Discussion Day
Possibility to meet and discuss statistical questions / your own data.

If you have any further questions, please write an email to