Website hosting with GitLab

Lisanna Paladin   2023-08-04   Comments Off on Website hosting with GitLab

Date(s) - 2023-08-04
09:30 CEST - 11:30 CEST



Course Overview


GitLab is a web-based tool that provides a Git repository manager. By interacting with its intuitive web interface, you will be able to: store your project remotely, track issues, interact with your colleagues by integrating their work and comments, provide guidance to them and your users by integrating a documentation, a license and a roadmap for your project development, and much more, such as continuous integration and pipeline deployment. GitLab is an open-source projects and it allows to have institutional-specific instances, such as the EMBL GitLab platform, that is hosted and managed internally. Even so, you are still able to make your projects publicly visible or to work with collaborators outside EMBL.

Project Management with GitLab

During this event you will learn how to build simple (static) websites to showcase your research, your group or your CV using GitLab Pages.

The session will consist of demos of some of example projects and some resources setup at EMBL using this technology. You will also be able to drill down into the technical details and discuss them with some of our local Git and GitLab experts.

Important information

The only action you need to do before the workshop is to access and, if you want, start exploring it.

Please notice that we will organise a preliminary session on project management through GitLab, on the 31st of July, which you are invited to attend.



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