GitLab Pages

In February 2019, GitLab Pages was enabled on, allowing users to host static webpages from their project repositories. Pages hosted this way will be accessible under the domain i.e. pages for the project awesome-project owned by the group grp-bio-it will be accessible at

To enable Pages for use on your project, go to Settings -> Pages and configure however works best for you. Just like with your projects, you can choose whether to make your pages visible to everyone, only EMBL users, or only project members (these visibility settinsg are separate from the project's i.e. you can have internally-visible Pages on a public project). As well as hosting pre-written HTML documents, you can use the continuous integration server to build and deploy web content on-the-fly, with build triggered every time changes are pushed to the repository.

Useful Resources

For more information, check out the following links:

Data Privacy & GDPR

Remember that you have a responsibility to protect the privacy of any visitors to pages that you have made publicly accessible. Below is a template that you can use/adapt for the footer of your pages, linking to EMBL's Privacy Policy. Remember to adjust the contact email address. Paste this directly into your HTML or add it to the footer template file in your _includes/ directory (or equivalent) when using a static site generator such as Jekyll.

<div class="footer">
<p>Use of this site falls under <a href="">EMBL's Privacy Policy</a>.
Contact: <a href="mailto:<email-address-here">project owner name here</a>.</p>

You can read more about the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) as it relates to GitLab here, and, if in doubt, you may wish to contact EMBL's Data Privacy Officer at