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Training plan 2024

Our wishlist of courses... please reach out if you want to help make them happen! Support is welcome in any form: as a trainer, a helper, an organiser (booking the rooms, sending emails, etc.)...

  • Beginner Python
  • Intermediate Python
  • Intro to Julia
  • Workflows (NextFlow/Snakemake/CWL (Intermediate)/Galaxy)
  • Software development best practices for Research
  • Basic Git + GitLab + Git in IDEs
    • Project Management with GitLab
    • Websites with GitLab
  • Good enough practices
    • Data management/electronic notebooks (wet-lab friendly) + version control
    • Data management plans
    • Registries / Data repositories
    • Software heritage
    • Software management plans (DST software workstream)?
  • AI usage - prompt engineering
    • Idea generation assisting
    • Summarisation
    • CoPilot - software creation assistance
    • Data analysis (GPT vision?)
    • Format: round table / beer session to share experiences
  • Command line
  • SQL / regular expressions
  • InkScape course