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Useful email addresses Topic-specific contacts can be found in each of the preceding sections. For advice/help, try one of the addresses listed below. Bio-IT:, for further info check our… Read more »


Weekly Seminars Seminars take place daily, and are open to everyone. The seminars fall into different categories, designated by different colors, summarised below. One seminar (previously Pink seminars): Group leaders… Read more »

Computational Resources

Information/Support Resources Bio-IT Portal: The homepage of the Bio-IT project, the portal provides. information on the project, EMBL Centres, and Bio-IT initiatives links to the course materials curated for… Read more »

Bio-IT Community

Core members of the Bio-IT project Renato Alves, Bio-IT Project Coordinator, a member of the Gibson team Lisanna Paladin, Bio-IT Project Coordinator, a member of the Zeller team The core… Read more »

About Bio-IT

Introduction Bio-IT is a community initiative, which aims to build, support, and promote computational biology activity at EMBL Heidelberg. Bio-IT community members help each other conduct their research, and share… Read more »