Coding Club User Survey

Toby Hodges   2016-11-14   Comments Off on Coding Club User Survey

To all subscribers to the Coding Club mailing list,

It's been two months now since we've started the coding club, so it's time to take stock!

In brief

Please fill our feedback survey by November 15th so we can improve the coding club!

More information

First off, many thanks to all the tutors who helped out during one or more of the 8 sessions we've run so far and thanks to everyone who participated and made our efforts worthwhile!

Considering the attendance numbers and the feedback I have received so far, I see a quite mixed picture. On the one hand, there is a small number of people who have been attending fairly regularly and who are telling me that they are benefiting a lot. On the other hand, the total number of attendees has been dwindling continuously.

Thus, it is now crucial to get your feedback! Please let us know about your attendance, your experience and most importantly about your thoughts on how we could improve the coding club to have more people come by and engage regularly.

Please also fill in the survey if you are a mailing list subscriber but have rarely or never attended the coding club! It is important for us to know why not so we can make the club more attractive.

Thanks for completing the survey latest by Tuesday, November 15th.

All the best, and I hope to see you on Thursday!

Happy hacking,
Jonas Hartmann