3D image visualization using 3D viewing software

Lucas Christopher Schuetz   2020-02-28   Comments Off on 3D image visualization using 3D viewing software

Date(s) - 2020-02-28
09:00 CET - 13:00 CET



**Aim of this course: **
* Get an overview of different freely available software solutions to prepare renderings of volumetric image data.
* Make 3D movies for presentations
* 3D slicing
* Advanced 3D viewing options (Googles)
* Get to know the advantages but also the limits of 3D viewing software
* Hands on experience

* Imaris viewer (free, closed source) https://imaris.oxinst.com/imaris-viewer
* UCSF Chimera (open source) https://www.cgl.ucsf.edu/chimera/
* ChimeraX (open source) https://www.cgl.ucsf.edu/chimerax/

**Target audience:**
* People with volumetric fluorescence data

**Detailed content:**
* Which data is suitable for 3D rendering
* What to keep in mind during imaging
* Comparison of different rendering options like MIP, Alpha shapes
* Advantages and disadvantages of the different softwares
* Hardware requirements
* Making movies for presentations
* What 3D viewers tell about data quality

Please bring a laptop and have the 3 software packages installed before the course. Bringing your own data is encouraged. For questions please write to lucas.schuetz@embl.de


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