Biostatistical Basics 2024

Sarah Kaspar   2024-03-18   Comments Off on Biostatistical Basics 2024

Date(s) - 2024-03-18 - 2024-03-22
09:00 CET - 13:00 CET

This course will be postponed


The course will take place on four days:

  • Monday, 18 March 2024, 09:00 – 13:00 CET
  • Tuesday, 19 March 2024, 09:00 – 13:00 CET
  • Thursday, 21 March 2024, 09:00 – 13:00 CET
  • Friday, 22 March 2024, 09:00 – 13:00 CET

Each day consists of lectures and practical demonstrations in R, as well as tutored exercises.


This course teaches basic statistical concepts that will immediately help you to better understand your data, and which are also the foundation for many advanced topics.

  • What are common statistical distributions of biological data?
  • What distribution do my data follow?
  • How do statistical tests work in general?
  • Tests for comparing two groups
  • How can we measure association of categorical variables?
  • What is multiple testing and how can we correct for it?
  • What are statistical models and how are they applied?
  • Prerequisites

    • Pre-installed R and R-Studio
    • Basic knowledge in R is required. If you are new to R, please also attend the R crash course on March 12, 9:00-18:00 CET, which will be announced separately here.


    The course will take place in the IC lecture hall in Heidelberg.


    We will be working in R, but we will not learn – nor require – advanced programming. The focus of the course is on the statistical concepts.

    As the demand within EMBL is usually high, currently only bookings from EMBL / EBI email addresses will be accepted.


    • Sarah Kaspar
    • Cecile le Sueur
    • Ivana Osredek


    Bookings are closed for this event.