Introduction to Python

Lisanna Paladin   2024-02-07   Comments Off on Introduction to Python

Date(s) - 2024-02-07 - 2024-02-08
09:00 CET - 12:00 CET



Software Carpentry aims to teach basic software skills and best practices to researchers in biology who wish to analyse data. The goal is to enable them to be more productive and make their science better and more reproducible.

This 2 mornings hybrid course will cover:

  • Introduction to Python

The course is designed to build on the previous two mornings (introduction to the shell and version control with Git), but you are free to register to the two parts separately depending on your previous knowledge and need.

Training materials


Participants are required to have their own laptop to work with on the course, with the Anaconda Python Distribution installed. If you would like help installing Anaconda, please email Bio-IT in advance of the course. If you prefer not to install Anaconda, you could also run the course practicals on the EMBL Jupyter Hub.

To join the online version of this course, you will also need the Zoom client installed on your computer. You can get this at zoom download. You will receive connection details after you have registered using the form below, and we suggest to use two screens (or two devices) to follow the course effectively.



This event is fully booked.