CBM Seminar

Eva-Maria Geissen   2018-11-14   Comments Off on CBM Seminar

Date(s) - 2018-11-14
15:00 CET - 16:00 CET


CBM Seminar on mathematical modelling in biology.

Speaker: Eva Geissen, CBM / Patil group

Title: Density modelling based inference of subpopulation structures: when censoring of the individual may tamper with the message of the population

I will talk about multi-experiment mixture models as a method to analyse subpopulation structures in (censored) single-cell data and why it is important to account for data censoring of various origins when setting up these models. I will illustrate the method with an analysis of single-cell data of fission yeast prometaphase length from spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) signalling perturbation experiments.

Room: 440

Time: November 14th, 15:00

There will be cake!
Bring your own coffee.