CBNA Monterotondo Module 1 (2017)

Matt Rogon   2017-06-12   Comments Off on CBNA Monterotondo Module 1 (2017)

Date(s) - 2017-06-12
09:00 CEST - 17:00 CEST

NOTE: The date is preliminary and will be fixed upon all registrations for the Bio-IT, Centre for Statistical Data Analysis, and Centre for Biomolecular Network Analysis courses have been closed.
Timeframe for all courses is between June 6th and 14th.

**Module 1: Introduction to Network Biology**

Focus: Provide a broad introduction to dealing with biological data (post-statistics) from qualitative and quantitative data, through annotation, extraction of knowledge (databases, literature), and basic interpretation of results.

– Introduction to Cytoscape as the main network analytical tool
– Loading and manipulating networks
– Integrating experimental data on graphs
– Graph analyzers (CS and Gephi)
– Apps/Plugins
– Visualizing data with networks
– Visual Styles – principles of plotting
– Layout algorithms
– Data-driven customization of network graphics (scatter plots, bar and pie charts)
– Retrieving and inferring networks from public resources
– interaction database universal client
– introduction to common databases for interactions pathways, transcriptional regulation, metabolomics.
– introduction to STRING (R, Cytoscape, web services)
– text mining
– How to annotate your data with BioMart
– id conventions, uniqueness of annotation systems,
– enriching data with BioMart using e.g. PFAM, sequence data, etc.

BYOC (bring your own computer with pre-installed Cytoscape 3.x (latest), (R and RStudio optional for parts of the workshop) or use the provided lab machines.

BYOD (bring your own data): Various exercises throughout the course can be done with your own data.


This event is fully booked.