Hands-On with the New EMBL HPC Cluster

Toby Hodges   2017-04-12   Comments Off on Hands-On with the New EMBL HPC Cluster

Date(s) - 2017-04-12
14:00 CEST - 17:00 CEST

EMBL Heidelberg - Room 202


Instructor: Jure Pečar (IT Services)

A workshop, with hands-on exercises, covering how to work effectively with the new HPC environment at EMBL. Material and exercises/examples will cover:

  • hardware
    • what kind of hardware EMBL cluster offers
    • which hardware to choose for different kinds of job
    • how to do that
  • software
    • how software is organized
    • how to request newer versions
  • examples/best practice
    • how best to tackle large data sets
    • how to run many workers on independent data
    • best practice for specific applications (by request)

A set of exercises will be prepared to demonstrate various hardware selection options. We’ll discuss how to best tackle large data sets, how to run many workers on independent data and discuss best practices for specific applications that you run.

Requirements: attendees should be comfortable with the linux command line and text file editing.

If you have specific applications that you would like to run on the cluster, you are encouraged to as questions relating to these during the workshop.


This event is fully booked.