Introduction to R (with tidyverse)

Renato Alves   2023-03-08   Comments Off on Introduction to R (with tidyverse)

Date(s) - 2023-03-08 - 2023-03-10
09:00 CET - 18:00 CET


Instructors (to be confirmed)

  • Eleonora Mastrorilli
  • Fabian Springer
  • Federico Marotta
  • Lauren Michelle Saunders
  • Maksim Kholmatov
  • Mike Smith
  • Renato Alves
  • Sarah Kaspar

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to programming with the R language and tidyverse. The course material is suitable for complete beginners, with no previous programming experience or knowledge required or assumed. Participants can work through the course at their own pace, so the materials are also suitable for those with some programming experience.

The course will include several short taught sections but most of the time will be devoted to more informal, practical sessions allowing attendees to get to grips with the language at their own pace. This provides the perfect starting point for scientists who would like to begin programming, while also catering to more experienced programmers who just want to learn the fundamentals of a new language.

After attending the course, you will have a good understanding of the core themes of programming, and be able to write your own R scripts, to automate repetitive analysis tasks and produce visualisations of your data. The course organisers and the training team will be on hand to provide help and advice throughout the duration of the course.


Participants are required to have their own laptop to work with during the course. If you want to setup your laptop you will need to follow the course setup instructions. Alternatively, you will be able to follow the course in the EMBL RStudio or JupyterHub. Please note that both these resources require a VPN connection.

If need help with any of these, please email Bio-IT in advance of the course.

To join the online version of this hybrid course, you will also need the Zoom client installed on your computer. You can get this at You will receive connection details after you have registered using the form below.

We will provide the possibility to have this course on site in Heidelberg. The room will be booked only if we will have enough attendees planning to join in person, hence please be aware that your in person registration might be moved to an online one.


  • Mar 8th: 9:30-12:00: Intro to Rstudio and versioning
  • Mar 8th: 13:30-16:00: Intro to R
  • Mar 9th: 9:30-12:00: Starting with data
  • Mar 9th: 13:30-16:00: Manipulating data
  • Mar 10th: 9:30-12:00: Visualising data
  • Mar 10th: 13:30-16:00: Flexible time / Bring your own data


Bookings are closed for this event.

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