Protein bioinformatics for beginners

Malvika Sharan   2016-11-08   Comments Off on Protein bioinformatics for beginners

Date(s) - 2016-11-08 - 2016-11-09
09:30 CET - 17:30 CET

This course will introduce online and open-source resources such as databases and tools to explore and analyse protein sequences and structures.

The schedule and materials for the course will be updated here:

Preliminary content of course:
Day-1: Protein databases and sequence analysis

– Protein databases: NCBI and UniProt
– Human protein atlas
– Antibodypedia
– EMBOSS toolkits
– Gene Ontology
– BLAST software package
– Multiple sequence alignments
– Jalview for motif visualization

Day-2: Protein structure analysis

– Secondary vs tertiary structure vs protein complexes
– PDB structure database
– Structure visualization by Chimera version-2
– Secondary and tertiary structure prediction
– Domain databases: InterPro, Pfam, SCOP etc.
– Intrinsically disordered region
– Eukaryotic Linear Motif (ELM)
– Protein-protein interaction: STRING, BioGrid etc.
– Prediction of transmembrane helices in proteins

– Basic knowledge of protein sequences and structures
– Interest in basic bioinformatics based analysis

The course is free for all EMBL members.


This event is fully booked.

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