Software and web development with Git & | Git week, intermediate/advanced module

Renato Alves   2022-11-02   Comments Off on Software and web development with Git & | Git week, intermediate/advanced module

Date(s) - 2022-11-02 - 2022-11-04
10:00 CET - 15:30 CET


Welcome to the EMBL’s Git Week, on 2-4 Nov 2022!

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During this week you will learn how to build simple websites to showcase your research or tools using GitLab Pages and how to use GitLab’s Continuous Integration to ensure a high quality code, perform automatic testing, build containers and foster collaboration using software development best practices.

Sessions this week will consist of demos of some of example projects and some resources setup at EMBL using this technology. You will also be able to drill down into the technical details and discuss them with some of our local Git and GitLab experts.


GitLab is a web-based tool that provides a Git repository manager. By interacting with its intuitive web interface, you will be able to: store your project remotely, track issues, interact with your colleagues by integrating their work and comments, provide guidance to them and your users by integrating a documentation, a license and a roadmap for your project development, and much more, such as continuous integration and pipeline deployment. GitLab is an open-source projects and it allows to have institutional-specific instances, such as the EMBL GitLab platform, that is hosted and managed internally. Even so, you are still able to make your projects publicly visible or to work with collaborators outside EMBL.

Git Week activities will be run during mornings (10:00-12:00 CEST). Sessions in the afternoons (13:30-15:30 PM CEST) will be available for technical discussion and troubleshooting.
Each half day includes approximately 2 hours of content, usually with some hands-on component where people can try it out themselves. You are free to join all sessions or just some of them, depending on your needs and interests.


Day Start (times in CEST) Topic Description
2 Nov 10:00 EMBL GitLab Pages Turn your git repository into a website with a few steps
2 Nov 13:30 13:00 EMBL GitLab Pages (continuation) Open discussion and additional examples
3 Nov 10:00 EMBL GitLab Continuous Integration (CI/CD) Learn how to use GitLab CI and language specific tools to improve the quality of your research software
3 Nov 13:30 EMBL GitLab CI/CD – (continuation) Open discussion about GitLab features, package and container registries, and additional examples
4 Nov 10:00 Q&A Open forum for advanced use-cases or any remaining questions

Please register your interest through the form below. Please notice that, due to the fact that we will discuss EMBL-specific technologies, only applicants from EMBL/EMBL-EBI will be accepted.


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