Join the Bio-IT Channel on

Toby Hodges   2017-04-13   Comments Off on Join the Bio-IT Channel on

Hopefully you're already aware of the new workplace chat system,, introduced in March. The system is accessible inside the EMBL network (through we have plans to make it externally-accessible soon), and can be used for instant messaging one-to-one, within teams/groups, and on wider channels. Join the Bio-IT channel for updates on project activities and events, and to ask questions of Bio-IT community members. Some of the other channels of interest to the Bio-IT community are:

  • Coding Club - a great place to learn and discuss programming stuff
  • Cluster - useful for anyone using EMBL's HPC facilities
  • GBCS - for questions/discussion regarding GBCS resources & services
  • Python
  • R & Statistics

Log in through the EMBL GitLab system, with your standard credentials, and join us!