Coding best practices

Renato Alves   2020-04-17   Comments Off on Coding best practices

Date(s) - 2020-04-17
15:00 CEST - 17:00 CEST

As the importance of programming skills in the biosciences is growing, scientists are faced with the question of what “writing good code” means.
Many of us have made the experience that the code we wrote or that we received from others was hard to read or suffered from inconsistencies.
This can lead to bugs going unnoticed, problems with maintainability and discouragement of code reuse.

In this webinar, lead by Florian, we will discuss a number of useful rules, tips and guidelines that can help make your code easier to read and understand.
Topics we will cover include, the psychology of reading code, software affordance and developing consistent coding habits.
We will discuss techniques related to code layout, naming conventions, effective datatype selection, and documentation.
In the long run, improving your coding practices will minimize “enbugging”, reduce cognitive load, make code more maintainable, and save time.

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